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Mission & Services
Neighborhood Capital Institute creates comprehensive development plans that are community-driven and economically viable; we do this by merging the expertise of stakeholders, development experts and leading planning professionals.

Neighborhood Capital Institute merges both policy and best practices in pursuit of its mission:  helping its clients leverage their infrastructure and real estate assets for the betterment of community, the economy and the environment.

  • We do this by pursuing a deep understanding of the project area and of how residents and other stakeholders define themselves and their aspirations.

  • We then respond by preparing, designing and executing real estate solutions that are embraced by community and market place alike while also advancing environmental sustainability.

  • We work primarily at district, community and neighborhood scales, seeking to maximize a range of opportunities for new investment in the project area.

What We Do and Whom We Serve:

We offer independent real estate development services, including owner representation, to owners of infrastructure and other significant real estate assets.

Infrastructure may be conventional, social or green (from transit to schools and hospitals to natural storm water systems).

Clients may be public sector or private sector, for-profit or not-for-profit.

Project areas can be located wherever there is a need for and commitment to economic revitalization – from areas of severe blight to communities where existing plans and strategies are in need of activation.

We not only lead professional teams, but also subcontract to others.

Whether working directly for clients or as a subcontractor, the Neighborhood Capital Institute team can provide:

  • Community engagement that:
    • Reduces political risk for public officials, other stakeholders, developers, etc. and
    • Leads to development plans that are “pre-approved” by the community and thus present less risk to desired new investment.

  • Financial analysis of development and design options during the design process.

  • Advice regarding the structuring and financing of infrastructure projects as design-build-operate (DBO) or by using other alternative delivery structures and public private partnerships (P3).

  • Developer engagement during each step of the design process, thus validating project feasibility and stimulating market interest.


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